You come to me.

The co-op lactation clinic allows me to offer low-cost, high-quality breastfeeding help to families who can’t afford my home visit fee. I run the clinic out of my house in Northampton, and my own baby may be present for some or all of the visit. I invite 1-3 families to attend each clinic session. The clinic costs $50 per family.

While it’s always nice to receive lactation support in the comfort of your own home (especially when your baby is brand new), it can also be nice to get out of the house! A change in scene may help to clear your head when you’re in the midst of a breastfeeding challenge—allowing you greater clarity and focus—and babies often seem to appreciate the opportunity to feed in a new environment. The co-op clinic model works well for me as the lactation consultant because it allows me to attend to my own baby while also supporting families in need.

Each visit to the clinic gives you the opportunity to:

  • weigh your baby,

  • have a nursing session observed and evaluated,

  • get help with attachment ("latch") and positioning,

  • have your baby's tongue and sucking skills checked out,

  • create a "feeding plan," if called for,

  • ask any breastfeeding or parenting questions you may have, and

  • get referrals to other specialists, as needed.

The Co-op Lactation Clinic is held
3-5 days a week in Northampton, MA.
Specific days and times are subject
to change, and can be flexible to
work with your schedule.

Please click or call
to inquire and register.

[Address provided at the time of registration.]

Clinic Fee: $50