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I'm Lex Beach, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), living in Northampton, MA. I've been helping families find success with breastfeeding since 2005. I come to my work with a strong belief that breastfeeding IS natural—and that absolutely everyone can be successful in establishing a nursing relationship—while also holding a deep understanding of how incredibly (one might even say "unnaturally") challenging the learning process can be. I'm ready and eager to help you to reach your breastfeeding and/or milk-making goals, whatever they may be. I provide home visits seven days a week to help families throughout Western Massachusetts, and I run a reduced-cost breastfeeding clinic  several days a week in Northampton (specific days subject to change; contact me to find out when the clinic is happening this week). 

My journey to becoming a lactation consultant was inspired by my own experience nursing my first babies: my twin sons who were born in 2003. I felt so alone in my struggle to make breastfeeding work for the three of us. When I ultimately did find success—pain-free nursing!—I felt certain that I had to help others through their own challenging beginnings, and to the same happy ending. Over the years since then, I've helped hundreds of newborns and new parents to establish rewarding and successful nursing and feeding relationships.

Nursing your baby may very well be the most "natural" thing you ever do. But that doesn't necessarily mean that learning how to nurse will come at all naturally to you.
I'm here to help!

I have specific and well-researched experience in helping a wide range of babies and families. I've worked with many set of twins, babies who arrive via adoption or surrogacy, premature babies, and babies born with neurological or anatomical differences. I've worked with transgender parents, non-gestational mothers who wish to nurse the babies their partners gave birth to, and mothers who are nursing after breast reduction surgery (BFAR). I'm well acquainted with the mouths of tongue and lip-tied infants, and feel especially passionate about helping mothers with low milk supply and insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) to achieve success in nursing their babies. I would be honored to help YOU and your family.

When I'm not helping families to successfully feed their babies, you can find me working hard at feeding my own brood of SEVEN growing children (ages 1 through 16)—spoiler alert: keeping your kids well-fed doesn't necessarily get any easier when they've grown beyond the milk years—walking my dogs along the Mill River, camping with my wife and kids on Cape Cod, and taking pictures.  

Vivi and newborn Paloma in 2015

Vivi and newborn Paloma in 2015